NYU Press has kindly made available a pdf of chapter 4, which is suitable for undergraduate reading. It discusses the nightmarish experience of working-class students recruited to work midnight shifts five school nights every week at UPS on the promise of education benefits that few persist to receive.

Per shift, they earn about what administrators spend on a sushi lunch. Most drop out, and many get injured. Only a fraction persist to degree. In some terms, because of the obligation to pay back tuition remission if they quit this horrendous job “early,” more students were working off their “education benefits” without actually taking any classes than were enrolled.

This chapter is suitable to be assigned to undergraduates. Ask your students about their working lives. You may be shocked by what they endure.

Thanks to Inside Higher Ed for a thoughtful story on the book and a kind mention in Scott McLemee’s always bracing column, Intellectual Affairs. (Special kudos to McLemee who was just elected to the board of the National Book Critics Circle.) PS–if you ordered the book in the past three weeks and have been waiting: NYU has just assured me that it ships today!






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