Completely tuition-free public higher education for everyone who wants it is a practical, realizable ambition, says the University of Pennsylvania’s Adolph Reed–a canny investment in our collective economic wellbeing, he argues, as well as a long-overdue step toward greater equality. We could do it for less than $50 billion annually.

In part 1 of the video we talk about the way that higher ed produces a vast, captive workforce of students. 78% of undergraduates work an average of 30 hours per week, or twice as much as even the most corporate-friendly surveys think is beneficial (if the work were connected with a course of study–and most is not).

See my account of the savage exploitation of student workers here and if you think I’m exaggerating (I’m not), then take it up with the ACE.

In part 2, “30 hours a week, 40 weeks a year,” Reed suggests that the economy would benefit from all workers having regular sabbaticals as well. As always, more video is available at the youtube channel, where “Play Ph.D. Casino” has been seen over 2500 times.

Special thanks for kind comments to the Perverse Egalitarian, Chuck Tryon, The Little Professor, Craig Smith, Aristotle’s Daughter, and Erik Marshall (no relation to Eric Marshall of CUNY). If you don’t know Miriam Burstein’s work (as the Little Professor), please see her in one of the best pieces ever published in the Chronicle.






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