Episode #3 of John Lenin’s series Allday University Starring Adjunct Alice. Follow the link to view the cartoons in more convenient strip versions. The top 10% of American households represent over 70% of U.S. net worth (and 80% of stock ownership). The bottom 90% splits the rest. By the way: ever ask yourself how the […]

… especially when they don’t ask for much.

It’s nice to see the electorate finally rejecting the same old Raw Deal. On the other hand, we’re pretty far away from a new New Deal, except for bankers. In fact, we could be in for a long tour of Hooverville. I know, that’s not what you want to hear about The One. He’s pretty. […]

Steve Street thinks you could be part of the problem, and he’s right. In the current issue of _The Chronicle,_ faculty activist Steve Street writes from the perspective of the overwhelming majority who serve contingently to the shrinking minority of us who serve in the tenure stream. Titled Don’t Be Kind to Adjuncts, the piece […]

Once upon a time, Derek Bok was a scholar of the labor movement, co-authoring a massive, landmark study of the role of labor unions and workplace democracy in fostering a more just, equitable–and productive–America. A few years later, he had to be restrained by the study’s co-author, John Dunlop, from his campaign to bust the […]

These are the CONFIRMED appearances as of October; I’ll revise these as the additional plans firm up. Keynote Address. “Labor in Higher Education.” Sponsored by the Association for Pennsylvania State College and University Faculty. Slippery Rock, PA: October 2009. Featured Speaker, Cultural Studies Association Annual Meeting. Kansas City: April 16-18, 2009. Featured Speaker, Initiative on […]

Those of us who care about education and what’s been done to it in the cruel, foolish, and profligate class war from above over the quarter-century that has been my entire adult life are likely to know Bill Ayers or his work as a scholar, teacher, activist, teacher educator, fixture in Illinois politics, and extraordinarily […]

The Dow plunges 40% in one year. You tell me: which fella looks like Herbert Hoover and which one looks like FDR? I recorded this interview with the University of Pennsylvania’s Adolph Reed just about a year ago, while the Dow was still cheerfully flirting with 14,000, and it originally ran on How The University […]

Having a debate-watching party? Follow along with any of the FOUR McLiar Bingo cards created by John Sellers and Andrew Boyd of Agit-Pop Communications. From Card 2: “Obama “pals around with terrorists.” ACTUALLY: Obama was 8 when radical Bill Ayers planted bombs to protest Vietnam. Now a professor, he & Obama volunteer for the same […]

Founded by Robert Greenwald, the creator of Walmart: The High Cost of Low Price, Brave New Films has become a powerhouse in the world of viral video. Greenwald’s latest series of political microdocs, The Real McCain, have racked up millions of views on his YouTube channel and the Brave New Films homepage. The popularity has […]

This is part 1 of 4 in my series of interviews with NYU GSOC activists. In this segment they reflect on the lessons learned from the 2005 strike, concluding that no union can stand alone. MB: So why don’t we talk about the lessons learned. I think one of things that graduate employees, at whatever […]