Keynote, “Boundaries of Literature.” UNC-Chapel Hill, September 29-30. Keynote, SEIU 500 Annual Forum, Washington DC,  November 19. AAUP National Council, Washington DC, November 20-21. Panelist, “New Tools, Hard Times: Social Networking and the Academic Crisis.” MLA Annual Convention, Los Angeles, January 6. Chair and respondent, “Deprofessionalized?” MLA Committee on Teaching as a Profession. Los Angeles, […]

I’d like you to imagine the following. Suppose we are going to have a national summit on health care. Do you not suppose that a substantial number of the voices included would be from professionals in health care, including doctors and nurses? Would you have 3 people with just the head of the AMA to […]

President Obama’s 2010 back-to-school address is notable largely for lack of controversy. Apparently, by now most Republican pols have gotten the word: psst, on education, he’s on our side! The message–if you can call it that–(noses to the grindstone, kiddies!) was deliberately free of any content that could be directly related to the upcoming midterm […]